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What Zermatt Accommodation Is the Best?

download (12)There isn’t one Zermatt accommodation that is better than the others – they are all comfortable, convenient, cozy and welcoming for any traveler. Each is nestled in its own quiet and secluded area, at the base of the Matterhorn and all of the Swiss Alps. And even though they are secluded, they are also right at the edge of all the Zermatt activities too.

But for those who have traveled to Zermatt, they each have a favorite Zermatt accommodation from the more than 100 locally owned accommodations. It may be the price range that draws one family’s attention or it may be the total seclusion that draws a young couple in love. Or perhaps it is the large space for general use like the lobby that draws a company here for their annual business meeting.

What every Zermatt accommodation has in common though is a fantastic view of the Matterhorn. Some of them offer a spectacular view in every room and others you may have to pay a premium price for that view. And other accommodations the view to see is from the lobby or the restaurant.

Such as the Haus Narnia, a four-star Zermatt accommodation where the ground floor view is something you’ll never forget as it looks up at the Matterhorn and the surround Swiss Alps. A brightly decorated 4-half room apartment is the perfect accommodation for a business group meeting or a family with children. You’ll have plenty of sleeping space with 3 bedrooms and a bathroom with both a bathtub and a shower.

If there is anything you need while in Zermatt, this accommodation is close to the bus stops and train station as well as having the ski lifts right there makes it easy to get up those magnificent slopes. Yet, it is the Steinmatte district, a quiet area of Zermatt that offers free Wi-Fi, perfect for those business meetings.

If you’re coming to Zermatt to rest and revitalize, the accommodation perfect for that is the Backstage Hotel Vernissage. It was designed by Heinz Julen, a star designer who also runs this Zermatt accommodation. It has a seven-stage spa that was created based on the book of Genesis and is situated in Zermatt center most area. The open roof provides a cozy and welcoming living room for all the guests to enjoy.

Keep the family entertained or give your business group a break by taking one of the many tours of Zermatt. Be prepared to walk in this car-free village, which makes the tours even more interesting. If you don’t do anything but one tour, the Matterhorn Museum is the one to tour. And if walking to the destination doesn’t sound good, there are horse-drawn and mule-drawn carriage rides throughout the city of Zermatt.


There Are No Better Hotels The World Over Than The Zermatt Hotels

download (11)Ask anyone that has traveled the world over where the most beautiful place is, they may very well come back and tell you Zermatt, Switzerland. This is a place of beauty and a place of indoor and outdoor activities year round. During the summer, during the winter, you won’t be hard-pressed to find anything to do. So plan your next vacation and choose one of the many Zermatt hotels to call your temporary home while in Zermatt.

The Apparthotel Casa Vanessa

Sitting on a hillside in a quiet location, you will be four minutes by foot away from Zermatt center area or any of the Matterhorn railways. Guests are in the wellness area for free during the winter months where a sauna and a steam bath wait to relax you.

Each apartment has a balcony with a beautiful view of the Swiss Alps and is cleaned daily. There is an internet corner with free Wi-Fi as well as an on-site laundry. The Apparthotel Casa Vanessa is reached by the way an elevator via a tunnel, a convenience that no all of the Zermatt hotels offer.

Hotel Welschen

Enjoy the quiet, sunny view that is offered here at the charming and rustic Hotel Welschen. The Matterhorn makes for beautiful scenery as you take the two-minute walk to the Sunnegga Express or the central train station. The nights are peaceful in the cozy alpine-style rooms and the Walliserhof serves the best tasting Swiss cuisine of all Zermatt hotels.

Parkhotel Beau Site

This is one the Zermatt hotels that is elevated higher than some, making it a quiet locale but close to the center of Zermatt. You’ll be just over 600 feet away from the Sunnegga Cable Car and have one beautiful and inspiring panoramic view of the mountains.

There is an indoor pool for guests to enjoy as well as spa facilities and each morning, a breakfast buffet with a hot meal being served from a live cooking station. Each night, the on-site restaurant serves cuisine the Swiss are known for as well as other international cuisines.

Every room has free Wi-Fi access, a television, minibar, and some rooms offer a view of the massive Matterhorn. You can enjoy some cozy time in the spa area each evening with a fire and music from the piano bar.

Choose any of these Zermatt hotels and don’t be surprised what awaits you in this car-free village. You will experience Switzerland at its finest here, from the Zermatt hotels to the residents to the food and all of the activity that is here.

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