downloadRenting a great vacation home isn’t as easy as one would think. Holiday rentals are plentiful – that’s true – and they can be found on websites and from rental companies to accommodate travel parties of any size be it a couples trip or one that involves family and extended family. One should fully expect people they know to come out of the woodwork when they hear that a holiday rental will be secured.

The good news is that holiday rentals are more affordable; especially when the cost is divvied up amongst those who want to come along.

There are over a million vacation rentals in Europe alone, and not all are offered to the general public. Still, they are offered in growing numbers and becoming more and more popular every year. They’re also the most preferred accommodations for most, especially once they’ve experienced them. Keep in mind, holiday rentals are nothing like a hotel but there is no reason to be anxious about the process.

Here are some of the things to consider when securing holiday rentals:

Know what everyone wants before booking
Should it be by the ocean? Will everyone have or want separate bedrooms? What location does everyone prefer as far as accessibility to local amenities? These are questions to present to the travel party. Also, secure the budget first that way the options will be more catered to the party and make choices easier.

Book in Advance
Holiday rentals go fast especially if there’s an event or it’s at a time of year when everyone is booking. This type of accommodation is not as available as hotel rooms, and of course all the best options get snatched up quickly. To get the best selection and the most amazing price book as soon as possible.

Do some research
Whomever is booking the rental should do their homework. Check ratings, carefully analyze the website, look for reviews and browse social networking sites in order to validate that the property is exactly as it is portrayed. Sometimes the photos are not true to the rental, and other times they don’t do it justice. Regardless, a little bit of research makes a huge difference.

In addition to learning about the property, check up on the owners. It’s great when the owner has a biography, as it puts their personality and business out in the open. If they are quiet about it or reclusive that could be a warning sign.

Use Filters
Most travel sites let the user filter search results by the area, number of bedrooms, exact location and preferred travel dates amongst other things. This means the party that’s searching for a rental won’t waste their precious time.

It’s also important to be flexible. Things may inevitably go wrong, so it’s good to keep an open mind and be understanding that this is not a cookie cutter hotel room. Learning to roll with it will make the vacation more enjoyable. Still, be sure the rental offers quick maintenance should something break.

Look over the contract well
Renting a home or villa has challenges, that is for certain. The process can be more difficult and time consuming. However, the payoff is a private accommodation like no other. The last important thing to do is look over the contract carefully. Be sure there is nothing important being missed to ensure an amazing holiday.

Previous renters complain of hidden fees and things not being included that they thought were from initial photos and reviews of a property. Everything must be in the contract! Then the whole travelling party will have an unforgettable stay.


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